FOCS III in review


Winter 2013

discussion themes of FOCS III mom gatherings: korean moms, teachers, fertility awareness educators, lawyers, api multiracial babies, doctors, activists, immigrant moms, grandmas joining us, brasilian & indonesian dishes, our favorite toddler program in Seattle: Nurturing Pathways w/ Shanetta Brown at Jaam Rek Studios (old Hidmo).

Get Connected with the FOCS Community


monthly brunches, google groups, calendar of events


all-FOCS holiday brunch. december 2013
the FOCS community continues to grow with over 90 currently connected families! it has been busy and fun hosting monthly brunches, starting a FOCS google group, showing off a pinterest page, and building a neighborhood coop care registry. newcomers can get started here (for free!) to get connected and keep up to date with what’s happening at FOCS!