FOCS Dad Gives a Shout-out



A great shot of half of our FOCS DADS that came to play & picnic at Jefferson Park in Beacon Hill
Brandon, a new dad, who resides in Seattle and recently joined FOCS wrote:HELLO FOCS-Dads & Family,

I just want to say that the All-FOCS Papa park play date at Jefferson Park today was a really great first experience for me as a new dad attending a FOCS event. I appreciate the warm greetings and sense of community. It was also refreshing to connect with other dads about what they are passionate about in addition to their families, and reminiscing about our own childhoods through our children. I was enjoying the kids and the playground conversations with the dads so much that I forgot to take pictures for the blog with my new camera I brought with me like Amy suggested. I am sincerely looking forward to “the village building” with you all soon, having more meaningful dialogue, and sharing the adventures in parenthood.