Families of Color Seattle is creating community through a paradigm of racial and social justice

As featured in Seattle’s Child:


“Seattle parent Amy HyunAh Pak is asking big questions about the unique concerns for families of color in Seattle: “How do we support families of color in a city that’s so rapidly gentrifying like Seattle is?”

The nonprofit organization that Pak founded and directs, Families of Color Seattle, is making moves this year, gearing up for continued growth. “This is a really big year for us.”

Families of Color Seattle, or FOCS (pronounced “folks”), is an organization that’s working to create space and meaningful community connections for families of color in Seattle. The organization’s programming reached an estimated 350 families of color last year, and they’re hoping to reach even more as they grow.

FOCS is working to help parents and children create a strong sense of community. Their programming is multi-part: they offer parent groups and classes, they host community dialogues, and they run the Cornerstone Cafe, to name just a few of their programs. The Cornerstone Cafe is particularly foundational to FOCS’ work: FOCS hosts classes for kids there as well as providing a free playspace for the community. The cafe has become a meeting space for many South Seattle parents (and parents farther afield) seeking community and solidarity as families of color in a city whose residents are so often framed and depicted as exclusively white.”

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